Differences of High income earner to Low income earners.

High income earner oh I envy you! Low income earner? Don’t pret no more because you are richer than you think.

High earners buy things they want example are clothes, gadgets, accesories and other stuff that they don’t really need. Low income earner buy things they need example are food and home utilities. Differentiating the needs vs. wants are very crucial for financial literacy.

High earner have credit cards, ammortization and their bills at the same time. Low earner don’t want to apply for credit cards for the fear of not getting it paid and it will generate interest, house or car ammortization maybe but it will always be a plan oahead and included in the budget plan.

Some high earners don’t create a budget plan while low earner do have a budget plan. Creating a budget plan helps a lot in terms of finances and discipline. Budget plans determine how much is saved and spent for the month or for that paycheck.

High income earner tends to spend more. They spend more than they have because they think that they will reciver the money in no time while low income earner budget and spend the money they have according to the budget plan they created.

In the end with so much money wasted some high earners tend to be with a file of debt compare to those low earner that mange their finances very well.

Let go or Hold on?

Is there a time you feel like very tired? Tired of work,of people around you, of relationship you are into?

Take a moment to breath. Think it over contemplate the things that makes you tired.

Are you ready to give that up? Or you’re gonna hold on to that things?

Sometimes letting go is very crucial to a relationship either it is a romantic or work relation.

There are things to be considered. Things like are you gonna be happy if you let go? Does letting go will give the piece of mind you wanted?

If you are tired,rest and think it over a million times, pray for it.

Don’t just give up or let go.